PT. Rekamatra Kalista Sempana

PT. Rekamatra Kalista Sempana

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  • jl. kembang (h. iming raya) no. 68 beji depok, Depok, Jawa Barat, ID, 16421

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ambience consultant by pt. rekamatra kalista sempana is a full service consulting and management firm specializing in ideas and conceptual creations. ambience focus lies on upcoming consultancy to provide total business solutions to meet your business needs. its in-house teams provide the most comprehensive range of projects consultancy and management services from conception through various phases of planning and development.


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consultancy covered from IDEAS: Image, Development, Events, Artworks and Services projects both private and public. ambience's consultancy has become the motivating source of existing and new business opportunities for companies or clients throughout the region. in essence, ambience bridges the solution between those supporting and those requiring project consultancy and management services. ambience's philosophy is built on the dual concepts of client service and design excellence. in fact, we view design itself as part of our service mantra. successful projects align strategy, architecture and planning with the widest, most imaginative definitions of the client's vision.

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