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Cleanspire is a part of United Cleaning Enterprise, which focuses on providing professional cleaning services to cater to our customers’ needs. Our vision is to be the most trusted residential cleaning service provider in the nation. We make it our mission to provide the best cleaning experience for our customers through easy booking system, fast response rate and most importantly, meticulous cleaning processes.

To show our commitment, we offer a High Satisfaction Guarantee Program to all our customers. That is why our quotation is based on total square meter and NOT price per hour. Hence, we are able to guarantee the area has been cleaned thoroughly without time restriction or any hidden costs.

All of our staffs are fully trained and have years of experienced in the cleaning industry. We also provide our staffs with the appropriate equipment and safe chemicals to achieve the best cleaning satisfaction.

Our service ranges from general and deep cleaning to hydrocleaning for the removal of dustmites from mattresses, sofa, baby cribs, carpets and etc. By using our services, you will have a living space that is free of dust mites and dirts/impurities which might otherwise be harmful to your health. This way, you can have a peace of mind getting through the day, knowing that your loved ones are being protected.

We are the Top 3 Cleaning Service Providers in



All Rooms
• Dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, and shelves.
• Remove cobwebs.
• Vacuum carpets and furniture.
• Wash all floors.
• Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.

• Make beds.
• Dust windows, wall hangings, dresser exterior, and vent.
• Clean mirrors.
• Cobwebs removed.
• Mop floors.
• Empty and clean wastebaskets.

• Clean showers, cabinet exterior, mirror and counters, water closet, and washbasin.
• Mop floors.
• Empty and clean waste baskets.

• Clean drip pans, sinks, countertops.
• Clean range top of refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, and drawers’ exterior.
• Cobwebs removed.
• Empty and clean wastebaskets.
• Wash floors.

Living room
• Dusting furniture, knickknacks, lamps and shelves.
• Cobwebs removed.
• Clean windows and vacuum carpets.
• Empty and clean wastebaskets.
• Wash floors.

• Clean mirrors/glass slide door and cobwebs removed.
• Wash floors.


Our deep clean is recommended for the first visit, after renovation or after party. A deep cleaning includes the “General Cleaning” plus the following extra services.

• Extra attention to bed frames
• Extra attention to furniture
• Knick-Knacks individually cleaned
• Dust throughout cabinets

• Extra attention to shower door
• Extra attention to floors
• Scrub the tiles
• Knick-Knacks individually cleaned
• Dust throughout cabinets

• Clean inside of the refrigerator
• Clean interior of the kitchen cabinet
• Clean inside of the oven
• Dust throughout the house

Living room
• Vacuum and dust throughout the room
• Spot clean doors and frames
• Knick-knacks individually cleaned

• Extra attention to floors
• Extra attention to glass slide door

We also provide a wide range of hydrocleaning services to cater to your needs. Our hydroclean services are 100% chemical free and thus very safe for your family wellbeing.
Mattress Hydroclean

Single 90 x 200
Small Double 120 x 200
Double 140 x 200
Queen 160 x 200
King 180 x 200
Super King 200 x 200
Junior Hydroclean

Baby Crib
Baby Pillow
Small Doll (< 30 cm)
Medium Doll (< 80 cm)
Large Doll (> 80 cm)
Baby Car Seat
Baby Stroller
Sofa Hydroclean

Curtain Hydroclean

Carpet Hydroclean


Kami baru saja bergabung dengan pada bulan October 2016, dan dalam waktu yang singkat, kami telah menjadi PRO OF THE MONTH pada akhir bulan October 2016. Terima kasih!

Pada awal bulan October 2016, kami menerima proyek untuk membersihkan rumah seluas 1000m2 yang baru saja dibangun di daerah Pantai Indah Kapuk.
Ulasan dari pelanggan kami:
"Terima kasih banyak Cleanspire yang sangat teliti dalam membersihkan rumah baru saya. Orang tua saya juga sangat puas dengan pengerjaanya, sesuai dengan ekspetasi mereka untuk deep cleaning rumah baru. Sampai ujung2 lantai, selah2, kolong lemari, bahkan kaca jendela yang tinggi dibersihkan juga dengan teliti. TOP Recommended dhe!"


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